Welcome to gmcropsfarmertofarmer.com Community. Food is essential to our well being, but with chemical poisons causing cancers and mimicking our hormones, along with ecosystem pollution and destruction, and genetically modified foods now firmly entrenched in our grocery stores, where do we turn? To Canada’s organic farmers. These people are committed to growing pure, nutritious food while improving the source of our food – the soil.

Using the Food Section

Finding Organic Food lets you find sources of organic food from Newfoundland to British Columbia, and from Southern Ontario to the Yukon and Northwest Territories. There are listings of organic farmers in each province, CSA (Community Shared Agriculture) projects and green/brown box programmes, along with farmers’ markets across Canada (organic and conventional markets). Learning About Organics helps you keep up with the bugs, diseases and other pests that come with organic methods. And News and Organic Information contains news and events and a cookbook of recipes from Canadian CSAs.

The listings in Food in Canada’s Organic Community have been made possible by the businesses that have listed in the Commerce Section. Every dollar we spend is a vote for sustainable and regenerative practices, or a vote for the status quo of big business. Please support these organic food processors, exporters and retailers, as well as input suppliers and others in the work they are doing to bring organic food and fibres to more and more Canadians every year. Check out their pages in Commerce in gmcropsfarmertofarmer.com Community.