Welcome to Commerce in Canada’s Organic Community! No community can thrive without business; however, these businesses are committed to making organic food and fibres available to people across Canada and around the world. They’re small businesses, based in Canada to serve the needs of Canadian organic farmers and gardeners, and people wanting to eat organic food. Help them help you make organics the dominant force in Canadian agriculture.

Using the Commerce Section

The Organic Farm and Farm Support lists businesses and associations that deal with organic farmers. You can also see what the weather’s going to be in your area. Finding Organic Food provides sources of organic food at the processor, distributor, exporter, retailer and baker levels. Dining Out and Travel offers establishments where you can treat yourself to someone else’s organic food, obtain organic beer, wine or their ingredients, have a catered organic meal, or find what you eat at home while you’re on the road. Healthy Homes and Organic Gardens will help you live more sustainably and healthfully. Learning About Organics helps you keep up with the bugs, diseases and other pests that come with organic methods. And News and Organic Information contains news and events, business profiles, and classified ads.

The farmer listings in Food in Canada’s Organic Community have been made possible by the businesses listed in this Commerce section. Please support them in the work they are doing to bring organic food and fibres to more and more Canadians every year. In Food in Canada’s Organic Community you can look for an organic farmer, a CSA or green/brown box programme, or a farmers’ market (organic and conventional) in Canada.