MOFGA – Capital Campaign


  • you are concerned about maintaining rural communities in Maine and throughout the nation,
  • you want to be sure that everyone always has access to delicious, organic, non-engineered foods,
  • you want to protect wildlife, open spaces and prevent sprawl,
  • you believe farms and farmers are an integral part Maine’s special character,
  • you want the next generation to inherit the knowledge they need to grow safe, healthy food,

    please, help us complete our campaign!

    Why a Capital Campaign?

    In 1997 MOFGA decided to build a home dedicated to sharing its 30 years of experience and expertise.Through the collective support of those who share our commitment to local, organic farms and gardens, we have raised $2.7 million of our $3.1 million goal. With these funds, we purchased 250 acres of mixed farmland and forest in the heart of Maine’s farm country. Over the past four years we have created a beautiful education center for farmers, gardeners and consumers, as well as a permanent location for our renowned Common Ground Country Fair.

    To date, MOFGA’s Common Ground has hosted three fairs with 150,000 visitors and over 100 gardening, farming and forestry management demonstrations, workshops and courses. These events have taught thousands of people the basics as well as the finer points of everything from winter vegetable production to product marketing. Permanent plantings, including a wonderful orchard demonstrating cash crops that growers can cultivate while their trees mature, a bio-intensive garden and horse-sown grain fields, are now part of the site. The Main Building, which houses the Exhibition and Educational Center, and includes both office and library space, is receiving some final touches, and five of the proposed eight livestock barns, as well as all of the maintenance and operations buildings, are complete.

    In addition to the above activities, the campaign has allowed MOFGA to launch a Journeyperson Program dedicated to replenishing Maine’s aging farmer population. MOFGA also continues to educate and inform citizens about current agricultural issues, such as the potential environmental and health risks of genetically engineered foods, through legislation, our quarterly newspaper (The Maine Organic Farmer and Gardener), and it’s up-to-date web site (

    As industrialized agriculture tightens its grip on every aspect of food production, from the seed to the supermarket, MOFGA’s permanent site becomes increasingly important.

    Yet, to realize the Common Ground’s full potential and guarantee MOFGA’s long-term stability, we must raise the remaining $410,000 as soon as possible!

    Please, if you can, help us complete this campaign with a gift today.